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Which is the best Plasma Pen on the market?

With more and more plasma pens coming into the market you can be forgiven for being a bit confused about which one to buy and which brand to trust. So which is the best Plasma Pen on the market?

We have had many people speak to us about how disappointed they are with the plasma pen that they have bought from another brand and asking if they are able to upgrade to the Plasma Elite Pen.  Sometimes people have bought based on price, thinking that the quality of the pens and treatments would be the same regardless of brand, and others have trusted other brands due to their various claims which are unfounded.

What to check if you are buying a Plasma Pen

  • Check claims – if a brand is making claims about their products, check them out. If they say they have FDA approval ask to see their 510k authorisation letter.  No letter no FDA!
  • Some Plasma Pens are cheap Chinese imports but claim to not be. Plasma Elite is 100% British made.
  • Safety – does the probe stop automatically if it touches the skin? This is vital to avoid skin damage.  If a pen doesn’t do this then don’t buy it.
  • Support – will you get the support you need?  Make sure that the brand is experienced and there is a support network. We have an amazing big support group where you can ask questions, opinions and share you successes.
  • Brand name – selling plasma treatments is made easier if the brand you use is recognised as a quality brand. Don’t just buy cheap!
  • Check reviews – people are very quick to leave honest reviews nowadays, particularly within the beauty industry. Stay away from brands with bad reviews.
  • Results – are the treatment results from the pen you are reviewing consistently good. Here are some fab results from Plasma Elite’s Plasma Pen.

results from plasma elite plasma pen

Watch our video comparing Plasma Pens

Due to the disappointment we have seen, we have set up a £1,500-£2,000 trade-in offer for those wanting to upgrade to the amazing Plasma Elite Pen.  We have also been able to film a video comparing various plasma pens so you can see first hand how they vary and the difference in quality.

Find out more about out trade-in or watch the comparison video here