What can Plasma Elite treat?

What Can Plasma Pens Treat?

If you are interested in anything beauty related, you will no doubt have heard about Plasma Pen Treatment.  These non-invasive skin tightening treatments eliminate the need for the use of botox or going under the knife.

The Plasma Arc created by the Plasma Elite Plasma Pen causes a reaction called Sublimation with contracts and tightens the skin fibres.  To learn more read our blog What is Plasma Technology.

Plasma Pen Treatment: Eyes

One of our most popular Plasma Skin Tightening Treatments is around the eye area. It can be used to tighten skin on hooded eyes and improve the appearance of crows feet and other eye lines.


Plasma Pen Treatment: Mouth

Another key area for treatment is around the mouth.  As we age more lines can appear around the mouth area, particularly if you have been or are a smoker.  Lines in this area can be quite hard to treat as they are often very deep. Our Plasma Elite Plasma Pen reduces the thickness of the perioral lines by pulling the area between the wrinkles, taking advantage of both collagen regeneration and localised skin tightening.

Lip Lines

You can view more of our fabulous Plasma Pen Treatment Transformations here. And a full list of what Plasma can Treat is on our homepage.

If you’d like to find a Plasma Elite practitioner near you visit our ‘Find a Salon‘ page and we can provide you with all the information.

What is Plasma Technology?

Plasma Technology is taking the beauty industry by storm introducing people to new Plasma pen treatments that eliminate the need for botox or going under the knife. But what is…
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What is Plasma Technology
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