Plasma Elite II ®

About the Plasma Elite Machine

The Plasma Elite Machine is a leading non-invasive Plasma Pen used to lift and tighten loose skin and other problem areas, and the results last a lot longer than other tightening treatments . Great news for your clients..
It is the only machine that is made 100% in the UK and the only medical plasma machine that conforms with the New Medical Device 2020 regulations.
We believe that your customers deserve the best that is why our ground-breaking technology ensures consistency, reliability and precision.

Why choose Plasma Elite :

We’re able to offer Level 4 Fully Accredited Plasma Certificate
100% British – you know exactly where your machine comes from. With 100% aftercare patented products
Conforms to Safety-standards IEC60601-1, ES60601-1 – the EU legal electrical requirement for a medical device
Cordless , wireless charged and beautiful constructed, full 360 degree LED light at the tip to see your work clearly . No Plastic in our machine. If its not silver and cordless don’t buy it
Only Plasma Machine conforming to new 2020 Medical Device regulations
Full and on-going industry leading training completed in small training group – meaning you get the training focus you deserve
Fantastic Plasma Elite network of practitioners – sharing tips, skills and experience.
Backed by three of the industries leading figures each with 40 years experience Check out their credentials. If you don’t know the people behind the brand, how do you know to trust they will support you 100%

Plasma Elite Technology

What is Plasma Elite?

Fran Says “Plasma is the most interesting development in the Beauty world for some considerable time because of its ability to shrink and tighten skin without being invasive. In the 40 years I have worked in this industry this has excited me the most”.

What does Plasma Elite provide to the business working with them?
– A machine that is robust and won’t break down (1 year Warranty)
– The finest probe on the market
– A full and comprehensive consultation guide to protect you and your clients.
– Comprehensive training on the basics and on advanced techniques with longstanding teachers in our industry
– Promotional material to support your business.
– Insurance connection to support your business.
– Financing connection to assist you starting (for as little as £25 a week)

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Always Stunning Results When Using our Qualified Plasma Elite Technicians

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What does Plasma Elite Treat?

● Excessive loose skin on the eye lid and under the eye
● Lines & Wrinkles around the mouth eg smokers lines
● Crows Feet
● Removal of skin tags
● Removal/flattening of Moles
● Removal of Syringoma
● Crepey Neck/Décolletage/Ears lift and Firm
● Acne Scars
● Mild stretch marks
● Stomach crepeyness
● Sides of face
● Pigmentation
● Red Spots/Blood spots
● Milia
● Verucca
● Small tattoos and semi permanent makeup can be lightened

Functional, Versatile

and Effective

Plasma Elite is the new era of skin tightening technology that has revolutionised the Beauty Industry?
Non-invasive skin tightening with especially great results on the eyelids.

Treatment Areas can include

Upper and lower eyelids
Lips (smokers lines )
Crows feet, Forehead, Crepey neck
Jowls, Stomach, Knees

Plasma Elite can also :

Remove Skin Tags
Flatten Moles and warts
Milia removal
Sygnomo removal

Its also claimed to be amazing for removing verruca’s



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