100% British Manufactured

100% British made by our sister company Plasma-Care Ltd.

Plasma Elite ® provides 3 aftercare products. We suggest these are given to a full paying client as part of the service and not at an additional charge, however this of course is your decision.

3 Simple Aftercare Steps


Plasma Care Cleaning Solution

This is a solution to be used regularly to make sure the area is clean and free from bacteria. In hospitals this solution is used for wound irrigation. It is not a cleanser for removing makeup.   We now use the Clinisept 100 ml solution for skin for cleansing


Plasma Care Healing Balm

This is an innovative product especially created for Dry Healing as required by Plasma treatments and some other services such as semi permanent and micro blading.

Dry Healing Balm reduces Itching and irritation, it is a mild anesthetic and a product that protects against infection and restores the skins natural balance whilst aiding dry healing.

Available in retail size of 15 ml and salon size of 50 ml


Protect our Skin Cream with Factor 50 - 5 star UV Rating

A highly effective broad spectrum sunscreen, hypoallergenic and not tested on animals. Specifically tested to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays which is essential after a plasma treatment when your skin is vulnerable. We recommend you always wear sun protection to keep the skin safe and prevent the signs of ageing.

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