Please note that we no longer offer Plasma Pen training. direct You may still purchase our Plasma Pen via the shop.
It is extremely important to be fully trained in order to use a Plasma Pen, we highly recommend that you contact a local academy that can offer Level 4 Accreditation. Plasma Elite takes no responsibility for untrained operators using a plasma pen without knowledge of how to use it and having successfully passed a dedicated Plasma Pen training course. We can recommend training academies in the UK that we feel comfortable will offer accredited training.

Plasma Pen Training

Plasma Elite® is the manufacturer of the only British-designed and manufactured plasma pen. We can quote for multiple purchases or own label requirements.

We highly recommend that you research local training academies that offer accredited Plasma Training courses after purchasing a Plasma Pen device. We do not recommend using our device without training. Also, check with your insurers about what requirements they expect from you prior to starting treatment. This device is not to be used by non-professional trained people.


Fully accredited to level 4 (or CPD points of 12).


Criteria to own a Plasma Pen; we require all our trainees to be a minimum of a level 3 qualified therapist or from a medical background.

Training Cost

Training is not included with the full price of purchasing a Plasma Pen.

Please research this directly with local training academies.

Plasma Pen Training

These are the areas to look for with any plasma training courses:

  • Plasma technology, what is it and how it works on the skin
  • In depth review of the plasma pen device including accessories, how to charge and operate, and cleaning and taking care of your plasma pen
  • Indications, contraindications, adverse events, and warnings and precautions of plasma treatments
  • Plume debris and protection control following Health and Safety guidelines
  • Aseptic technique and treatment set-up for safe treating
  • Patient consultation, including managing expectations, and patient preparation
  • Treatment techniques for each treatment area
  • Post-treatment care instructions, including information regarding aftercare kit and home
  • Treatment results
  • The technology behind Plasma
  • What Plasma can & can’t treat
  • Safe working parameters
  • Regulations & guidelines for your business
  • Hygiene, personal safety & client safety
  • Pre treatment checks
  • Adverse incidents & how to deal with them
  • Full & comprehensive aftercare processes
  • Airborne viruses & protection control
  • Health & safety & risk assessment
  • A fully comprehensive 6 page Consultation
  • Skin types, what is & isn’t suitable for Plasma
  • Managing client expectations
  • Working in a sterile environment
  • Skin: it’s structure, fibroblasts, healing processes
  • Plasma Pen Machine set up
  • Probe sterility & why it’s important
  • Related anatomy & physiology
  • Contraindictions in full
  • Caring for your client during treatment
  • Questions & answers
  • Frequency of treatments

Before attending any plasma pen training make sure you  check out your insurance and any local authority licenses or registration you may need in your area.

Please make sure your insurance is in place before attending any training course.

Why choose Plasma Elite ®

High Standards

Plasma Elite now has the new UKCA mark a legal requirement from May 21. Make sure any electrical device carries this mark.

100% British Made

Full support locally all of the time, with 100% aftercare patented products.

Industry Leading

Designed by  the most experienced industry leaders in the business each has 40 years experience.


Make sure any training you choose to do is accredited fully and that you are issued with a certificate that your insurers will be happy with so that they cover you when you are offering treatments


Look on the social media platforms for fantastic Plasma Supportive groups ,its wonderful to see how supportive they can be.

Safety Standards

Our Plasma Pen is fully compliant with a CE mark as a cosmetic device as well as the new UKCA mark required by law now in the UK and follows the Low Voltage directive. We recommend following the  Plume debris control advice , and patient safety guidelines issued by the JCCP standards.

What our clients said

Training locations

Birmingham, UK
Darlington, UK
Glasgow, UK
Grantham, UK
Hailsham, UK
Haywards Heath, UK
Portsmouth, UK
Sanderstead, UK
Taunton, UK
New York, USA
Port Elizabeth, SA
Virtual Training

Plasma Elite is delighted to recommend accredited training academies in the UK.

More training dates coming soon - Contact us for the latest dates.

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