The plasma elite hand-piece produces a tiny plasma flash by ionising the gases in the air to form plasma which creates a small electrical arc from the probe to the skin in a micro-millimeter sized point.

The plasma produces an energy, which vaporizes in the immediate vicinity of the skin causing the tissue to contract.

Plasma is formed by the ionisation of atmospheric gases to stimulate contraction and shorten the tissue fibres reducing the skin surface.

The tip of the probe is able to precisely direct the arc to the skin in small dot thereby reducing the heat spreading across the skin. Some other plasma units on the market place emit too much heat. The plasma elite specifically has a finer probe to avoid doing this.

A series of tiny brown spots are strategically placed to attain the desired result for the excess skin. The skin around the spot tightens pulling the cells closer together.

The plasma directly treats the target and prevents the spread of heat through the non ablative approach of sublimation.

Through a finer tip and a unique application technique plasma pen avoids over heating, avoiding swelling normally associated with other plasma equipment.

Plasma has amazing results for non-surgical blepharoplasty, deep smoker lines, excess skin around the eyes and neck.

The application of Plasma induces controlled trauma to the area leading to increased collagen production, and a shrinking and tightening of the skin.

This process reduces excess skin and in particular can tighten the eyelid/under eye area, scar tissue, lines and wrinkles around the mouth on the neck and anywhere on the skin causing concern.

A series of tiny brown spots are strategically placed to attain the desired result for the excess skin. The skin around the spot tightens pulling the cells closer together.

It’s non-invasive,safe and gives immediate results.

The only post-treatment preparation is a 48-hour patch test to check there is no allergic reaction to the numbing cream. You can offer a patch test on the skin of the plasma treatment to determine swelling and healing time if the customer would like this opportunity, but we’d suggest to make a small charge for this.

Your client in advance of the treatment cannot of used:

  • Retinol or AHA acids for 4 weeks prior
  • Had botox for 6 weeks prior
  • Must be checked for contraindications
  • Must not have a tan or be going or returning from the sun

It all depends on each individual and the area required treating. We recommend always a full and comprehensive consultation (plasma elite provide the consultation forms) and normally recommend 2/3 sessions.

It completely depends on the client and the area treated and the natural rate of recovery. It is normal for sensitive areas such as eyelids to become swollen and we would recommend not applying makeup, which to some people this may mean downtime.

Some areas weep slightly after treatment; this is simply plasma and is quite natural. As the spots begin to heal they naturally turn into crusts and flake off.

Aftercare is an essential part of any treatment. After a Plasma treatment the body goes through the same process when healing as a typical wound healing routine. It’s covered in 3 main steps:

  • Inflammation – this is the body’s natural response to trauma
  • Proliferation – this is where the wound starts to rebuild new, healthy, granular tissue
  • Maturation – also know as remodelling, this is the final stage after the wound has healed. Maturation starts when the wound looks healed so it’s important to keep your aftercare routine going.

To find out more about our specially formulated aftercare products, take a look at our shop.

Plasma Elite no longer directly trains practitioners. There are a multitude of training centres that will train in Plasma techniques. Please do check with your insurers that their training courses will be recognized and enable you to operate Its always best to check that the training course is accredited. Practitioners attending courses should normally be qualified to level three, Nurse or medical practitioner, Semi Permanent operator with at least 2 years experience.

We recommend Dermica Beauty who offer a 2-day Level 4 Ofqual Regulated Plasma Skin Tightening Qualification, as well as Advanced Training and Mentorship Day to upskill already trained technicians.

Alongside their thorough in-depth training, they work alongside Plasma Elite to provide a British-manufactured plasma pen

For their brochure and information on our Plasma Training or to discuss prerequisites, please email them at

  • Disposable Probe
  • Aesthetic Numbing Cream (purchased by the salon direct)
  • Sterowipes
  • Trolley Pack
  • Aftercare Kit

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