Plasma Elite Pen

What Makes Plasma Elite So Special?

There are many Plasma Pens on the market so choosing the right one can be a little daunting.  To make the decision easier we wanted to tell you exactly why Plasma Elite is so special.

Expanding your services to include plasma treatments isn’t just about deciding on the plasma machine, what is even more important is the company and support behind the brand.

Plasma Elite’s Core Values

Credibility, Integrity, Safety, Professionalism and Trust

Credibility & Integrity

Three of the industries longest standing, experienced and trusted individuals are behind Plasma Elite. They were one of the first companies to bring plasma technology to the Aesthetics industry with the aim of developing a supportive brand for salon/clinics/doctors and nurses giving them the training and confidence to deliver amazing treatments to their clients. You can read more about the names behind Plasma Elite here.


There has been a huge influx of foreign imports into the market. Lots of cheap machines with no CE Certificates, machines claiming to be European when they actually come from China and training that is poor and well below the standard that it should be leaving clinic owners vulnerable.

We wanted to make a difference.

UK Manufactured:

  • We got one of the best medical device advisors involved from the start to help us develop our machine as a medical device. It is now the only Plasma Pen that complies with the new 2020 Medical device standards.
  • We use a UK manufacturer who specialises in plasma for surgeons and we monitor every step of the manufacturing process to ensure the best quality machine is delivered.


We know that qualifications are important to both you and your clients and your time is tight, so our plasma training course is fully accredited to level 4 (or CPD points 12).

Our professional training is thorough and carried out in small groups which means you get the focus and attention your need.  We take you through the technology behind plasma, how to approach your client consultations and hands-on practice on models using different plasma techniques.


We are there to support you. We don’t just train you and leave you to it. We are there when you need us and we have the most amazing supportive network of technicians who share their experiences, advice and encouragement at any time of day.

If you’re thinking of training in plasma or having a skin tightening treatment, drop us an email and get in contact for no-obligation chat.

If you have already bought a plasma pen but are disappointed, we run a part exchange programme where you could get £1,500 – £2,000 if you trade-in your old machine. Find out more here.

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