ClinicMustHaves Refillable Hand and Surface Sanitiser

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Proverb organic hand and surface refillable sanitiser. For keeping surfaces in the salon clean as well as your own hands. Refills available.

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Manufactured in Britain

ONE FOR ONE – You buy one, we give one to the people most in need and the superheroes protecting us on the front line.
COST-EFFECTIVE – Mist gives great coverage, a little goes a long way.
HAPPY VIBES – We have created an invigorating aroma, unlike most sanitiser, to help you focus and feel more positive. Using your olfactory system to deliver happy vibes for your day.
REFILLABLE – After purchasing your first sanitiser you will only ever need to buy a larger refill to minimise packaging waste. All are 100% recyclable.
PLANT POWERED & 70% – Formulated with anti-bacterial essential oils and 70% denatured grain alcohol to hit all government guidelines.
SPRAY SANITISER – Easy to use. You can easily cleanse your own hands, your family’s, and also the objects you are about to touch.
NO MICROPLASTICS – Often synthetic typical gels contain micro-plastics.
PROFESSIONAL – Created for spas and gyms, as part of their Health & Safety.

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50 ml spray bottle, 250 ml spray bottle, 1 litre refill, 5 litre refill