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Do you know about the different layers of the skin and what function each layer has? The Cutaneous Membrane This is the technical term for our skin.  The body’s tissues…

Trade-In your Plasma Pen

Are you dissatisfied with the plasma pen you have bought? Would you like to trade-in your plasma pen? Now you can. Buying a Plasma Machine and investing in a new…
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Trade In Your Plasma Pen

What Can Plasma Pens Treat?

If you are interested in anything beauty related, you will no doubt have heard about Plasma Pen Treatment.  These non-invasive skin tightening treatments eliminate the need for the use of…
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What can Plasma Elite treat?

What is Plasma Technology?

Plasma Technology is taking the beauty industry by storm introducing people to new Plasma pen treatments that eliminate the need for botox or going under the knife. But what is…
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What is Plasma Technology
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